Hi! What’s Up??? And yeah! I feel Great!!!! Just great!!!! And Like I want to thank God for being here! Learning About Life!!!!!!!! Wait!!! I got some news! My father was here!!!! And now luckily he cares more about me than he ever did!!!!!! But Like my mom… she cares more about my brother… Cause like he is hyperactive… I know… But it hurts…. Well My family is kind of weird! Cause they are just FALSES!!!!!!!!! How can it be a good thing??? It Hurts My feelings…. It hurts me! Well maybe I’m not the normal in this family!!!!!! I Hate being the second Choice!!!!! I hate being pushed behind!!!! Well This world it’s not for me… I guess… So.. Thanks  A Lot Daddy and I want to thank my friends for supporting me!!!!!! I love you all! I’ll miss ya…


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