Just Little Secrets

Sometimes you have to learn that Life is like a game and you are the character! All games have obstacules! And you have to move on! But There is one level that you cant move on!!! But You know what??? Fuck It!!! I’m so tired to be the CHARACTER! Today I’m the Gamer! And you are the character!! And I use to say “Boom Bitch” You know why? Cause the jealous people, I put them behind! It’s like a game life but in reality! But how can you be the best?? How Can I live with all the problems??? Well.. maybe I can through it!!!! I Have friends that can help me…. I met a guy that he has the same “problems” as me…. And he understands me wich is really awesome! I mean… Sometimes I want to hide my sadness… But to be honest.. I can’t… It hurts… It hurts my fucking feelings! But the good news.. is MY DAD CARES MORE ABOUT ME THAN HE EVER DID!!!!!!!!!! I missed that!! I really love him! My dad is a cool guy!! He is so funny! He is the best person I ever met!!!! To know that he really loves me… Its really dope!!! My father always said (Nobody’s Perfect) And like he teached me so many things!!!!! I know I’m not perfect and I’m  never gonna be… But everyone is pushing me to my breaking point… And my dad also teached me one thing that I would never Forget… Is “Don’t be stuck to things that makes you bad… Smile and move on” Well I guess it’s everything…






Hi! What’s Up??? And yeah! I feel Great!!!! Just great!!!! And Like I want to thank God for being here! Learning About Life!!!!!!!! Wait!!! I got some news! My father was here!!!! And now luckily he cares more about me than he ever did!!!!!! But Like my mom… she cares more about my brother… Cause like he is hyperactive… I know… But it hurts…. Well My family is kind of weird! Cause they are just FALSES!!!!!!!!! How can it be a good thing??? It Hurts My feelings…. It hurts me! Well maybe I’m not the normal in this family!!!!!! I Hate being the second Choice!!!!! I hate being pushed behind!!!! Well This world it’s not for me… I guess… So.. Thanks  A Lot Daddy and I want to thank my friends for supporting me!!!!!! I love you all! I’ll miss ya…