Little Things

So… I was thinking about show my talent!!!! I mean… DANCE !!! I was invited to dance in my school’s party! I’m so happy! Me,and my friends gonna show some surprises!!!! We got some tricks…. Get ready Bitches!!!!!!!! Now, I know I dont write for a long time! And the reason is… SCHOOL!!! UGGGGGGHHH!! Tests!!!! One by another!!!  And I dont know what I’ve to tell you! Oh Wait!!!!!! BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! My Father Arrived from England!!! So… I’m at my Grandparent’s house,and he is at my brother’s  football training! Well… My father is a football guy… But if his son (me) wants to have a dance career…. He accepts!!!! I guess he is proud of me!!! Well, my sister is following a turism course… So She is Fine! My brother… Well I guess he wants to follow a football career! Well… and me?? I want to follow a dance career! So.. we are all fine!!! YAY! And now! It’s gonna be harder to write for you…cause TESTS! And my exams are almost here… So…I have to STUDY!!!!!!!!!! WHY??????? WHY ME??? So this text is very short… so… I hope you like it… See ya