Demi teached me a thousand things! And one of them was “STAY STRONG” AND the another of them was if I was sad or with problems  to listen to her songs!! 


And when I put her music I feel save! I feel like my problems Disappear from my life!  Sometimes I think that life is not worth it! And Demi knows how to my life makes sense!  I Love her! She is my LIFE! And you’re wondering “How is she your life”?  Well, she is my life cause she was and she will be with me EVERYDAY and EVERYTIME when my face is down….. Demi makes more sense to my life!!!!
Of course she doesn’t know me!!  Unfortunately… But she helps me the same! I Wanted to meet her! To show How grateful I am….. I’m grateful that she helps me! Demi doesn’t really tell me what to do! I guess that we’re connected!!! I Dance Again!!!! Why??? Cause her songs told me to!!! Now I’m doing a choreography to my class to dance in the School’s Party!!!  And the song is gonna be….. *Drums Please*

In Case!!!!!! Mashup with Cool for the summer!!!!!  It’s AWESOME!!!!  So…. I guess there’s HOPE for me!!!!! Thank God! I HOPE that I get something “BIG” Like dancing in “So You Think You Can Dance?” I have to thank to my friends and especially DEMI LOVATO to make my head up!