Path To Fame

Sometimes life can be really awesome!  Or Sometimes really Shitty! Let’s talk about my DREAMS! My dream is be a DANCER! BUT my right foot is injury.. or more saying is BROKED! My cousin told me that if the doctors couldn’t put my foot GOOD they have to CUT IT OF! And that means that I NEVER Can DANCE AGAIN!! I dance about 7years!!! And for what? To never dance again? That’s really FUCKED UP! I know there are another things to do… But my LIFE is only DANCE! I don’t want to stop dancing! That’s stupid!!!  If you can,you should follow your dreams! Nothing’s gonna stop me now! Im Unstopable!! But now,let’s be real… Imagine…  you are a Football player and you got your foot broked and your life were only Football… Yeah… You see? It’s bad!! And now, Imagine… You are the “Head” of a company,and you have to close the company…. See? It’s Fucked Up! If you can live without your “Precious Things” imagine ME WITHOUT DANCING! Yeah… I don’t dance about 1year! Because of my foot!  Yeah…. Like In the School,I dance!! Like  Behind the school! And in the middle of the dance I fell….  I couldn’t get up…. But I tried!!  I tried to get up! I tried to FOLLOW MY DREAMS!!!! We can’t go down!!! The Head Teacher of my school only approves INSTRUMENTS… Not DANCE!  He is what?? A Asshole???? I’m gonna make him see that DANCE IS IMPORTANT 2!!!




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