Love 😻😻😽😻👑👑❤❤❤

Sometimes we love someone,that we can give our life to that person!  That we can spend our life with that person!!! I could give my life to that person! Sometimes love can be awesome and sometimes can be really fucked up! Sorry the language!!  But… it’s true… I met someone… And your thinking “What About Mariana”? Yeah… we broked up… She said that our relationship it didn’t worked… so.. she wanted to break up… A Part Of me is sad cause I losted her… but a part of me is HAPPY! I met someone… And I won’t telling you! Only my friend knows who is it! That Person is totally HANDSOME! I’m gonna talk to that person  FRIDAY!!!!!! OMFG I’m so nervous! Especially with that kind of thing! Now… The thing is… It will be good? Or a totally disaster? And I Don’t Fucking Know!  I Want the conversation goes right! I really want to! Today… the person Said OH, HI!!  And I was like WHAT?????? I get in panic when I’m with that person…. OMFG!!!  Is totally CRAZY!!!  OMFG!!! Tomorrow I’m gonna tell you What Happened!  And I Think that it’s gonna be good!  Thursday it will be the same! And FRIDAY, I’m gonna tell you,the same thing that that person told Me!!

KISSES! And remember… 



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