I thought that world was a place to make friends and stuff….. I maked friends…  But friends like Best Friends should be next to us…. Do u remember José Pedro/my “Brother”???? He killed Himself… and ur question right now is… “Are you Alright”? And a part of me…. yes…. I been holding on… but a part of me… no… coz I losted him….. I miss him! A LOT! And now your question now is “How did u knew that he died”? I get a call from his  friend saying ” Are you Tiago”? And I answered “Yeah… What’s Going On”? And he said “Pedro Died”…. And I cried a lot…. And now your question is “Is it fucking Fucked up”? And YEAH! And ur thought now is “First his dad,second his grandpa,third is friend and now Pedro”?
You have totally right!! It’s fucking trauma…. I’m gonna put all my accounts to you talk to me…. And Talk About Your Problems!!


Snapchat: tiago.lol255
Twitter: @SkatersTumblr
Whatsapp: +351 918502779

Add me… And Talk About Anything!!!  I Can Help You!


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