And ur thinking if that its my arm! The Answer is.. YES! It is! I Losted a Lot Of People! People that were important to me! My Bestfriend Anaïs, She killed herself! And I was devastated!! She killed herself bc  She losted so many people on her life!! And I Have so many reasons now!!

1-She DIED!
2-my GrandDad died of AVC!
3-Im tired of Being “invisible”!
4-I dont wanna feel Pain anymore!

And Others….

I am a Suicide Boy!

Once I cutted my wrists!
And it was 6 cuts!
And Anaïs said to me ” If u do 6, I do 12!”

She saved me from Death! A MILLION TIMES!!!! And… Im so grateful! I miss you Anaïs!

R.I.P Anaïs



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