Happiness (Part 2)

Today I woke up and I feel Happy!  But a part of Me is Sad…. But….This Text it’s not about sadness!  Its about  being Happy!  And Today I have a special Smile! Its a real smile! I guess I’m confident again! And I guess My happiness is back! And that’s good! I guess I found a person who makes me happy! I mean 2 persons… this blog post its gonna be short! For 2 reasons: I have nothing to say


Its only that! I love the 2 persons!!





This is the 1st time that we have a Happy Text!! Like Omg!!! I met a person… That person is… Pedro!!  He is so awesome! He is so special!!! He put a smile on my face,he make me smile when I’m sad!! And I was waiting that type of person!! He can make my world happy! He can do the Magic!! He is my Brother!!!  He is not Brother of blood unfortunately!  But… I want him to be!! He is that kind of person… you know…. Special! Ahaha! He is so Idiot but perfect! Ahaha I’m gonna send him this! And he’s gonna think “He is so Idiot!!” But the friends/brothers are like that! He cares about me! He is my Old Brother! I’m so happy!! He make my world happy,he makes me happy! That dumbfuck brother! Our conversations are so stupid! But… ahahaa Forget!!!! I hope you like it!




The Doubt

I Have a doubt! And the doubt is “Should I Live or shoud I die?” and that doubt is stuck in here! it wanna come out! But it cant bc I dont have answers! Nobody give it to me!! My gf… She had a doubt 2!! She been through it 2!! But she is fine…. I guess….

Today in Music class, I cried for the 2nd time! There’s a music from Celine Dion!! A song from the “TITANIC” And I get emotional with that SHIT!!  Who has the answers to my questions!?!? WHO????? Did u ever thought of killing Urself?? Do u ever cutted ur wrists??? That’s stupid!! Today my text is very long!! From the 1st time its long…

Now, I’m tired of this pain! Im tired of people being mean to “us”!!!!! Srsly I’M TIRED!!

                TIRED OF LIFE!!!



I know I can get over this! I know… But I cant! The “Thing” is stuck in my head!! That memory! That problem!! That happened 10 years ago! The thing of my dad! That means that I was 3 years old! And That is a FUCKING TRAUMA!! Do u know that??? I know i’m always saying ” This is the goodbye, BLA BLA BLA…..” But I’m trying to be Strong! Im trying to be the “Strong Person” but I cant! Its to much pain! To much suffer…. People say: “You are strong, Tiago!! You can do it!” but I cant! I need help! I know I have HELP! But I need a Extra Help!  Plz save me, save me from the “Thing”!!!!!


The Crying Game (Part 2)

Like sometimes we reach a point that we can’t take it no more! We have to stay happy for the People doesn’t notice that we’re sad! Some people notice,but some people don’t…. Sometimes I keep a smile, but inside I’m sad! I’m heart broken! What I mean is that we have some people to help us! And that person is one of them!


Her name is Erika! She helped me sometimes….. 

And remember….



Music In My Life

Music is MY LIFE! And if I choose between Music and Art, I will choose Music… And I’m gonna say y.

Music saved me! When I’m sad… Music!

When I’m happy… Music!

Music is MY thing since the 1st grade…. And yeah! In the 1st grade We did dance battle!! And I won! A LOT OF TIMES! I know I’m always talking about Demi Lovato! But she is MY QUEEN! She is MY INSPIRATION!





And ur thinking if that its my arm! The Answer is.. YES! It is! I Losted a Lot Of People! People that were important to me! My Bestfriend Anaïs, She killed herself! And I was devastated!! She killed herself bc  She losted so many people on her life!! And I Have so many reasons now!!

1-She DIED!
2-my GrandDad died of AVC!
3-Im tired of Being “invisible”!
4-I dont wanna feel Pain anymore!

And Others….

I am a Suicide Boy!

Once I cutted my wrists!
And it was 6 cuts!
And Anaïs said to me ” If u do 6, I do 12!”

She saved me from Death! A MILLION TIMES!!!! And… Im so grateful! I miss you Anaïs!

R.I.P Anaïs