Between Life And Death

I cant take it no more!!!!! The question today is “Should I live?” or “Should I die?” And Im Confused!!!! I think the Answer is “IM GONNA DIE” IM DONE OF MY FUCKING LIFE!!! My Father even call me to say “Happy Birthday Son”  “Do u need something?”   ” Do u wanna see me?” NOTHING!!! NOBODY CARES ABOUT ME!!!! People say “I Understand You!” But They Dont!!!! Nobody understands my Pain!!!!!! Im done! I know I dont write a lot! But My Anger its stuck in here! They wanna come out… But I wanna suffer in SILENCE!!!


Understand that!!! Understand that I’ve been Strong for 2 long!! Understand that Im tired to be the “SHITTY BOY” Im sorry for everything!!!



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