I have a certain pain….

So…. First,lets talk about my FATHER!

When I was a Little Boy! I Losted my Dad!! And no! He’s not dead! He just left me…. My mother and my Father are divorced! And I dont see my dad…. Like Demi Lovato Has a song Called “Father” and that music put me so emotional! When people start talking about their dads… I start Crying!!! Once I stopped Eating! I was so hurt! Sometimes I cut my wrists BC of that…  My friends already know! Like They can’t talk about it! If one person starts talking about it… They say… “Shut The Fuck Up, He dont have him!” like of course I stay happy! But… It hurts The same!!! Like Demi Lovato has a tatto saying “Stay Strong °° ” And That Phrase is keeping up all these years… Coz I got to Stay Strong!!! No matter What!!! But…. Idk! Maybe this is the end… Maybe not…. Idk!!



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