Between Life And Death

I cant take it no more!!!!! The question today is “Should I live?” or “Should I die?” And Im Confused!!!! I think the Answer is “IM GONNA DIE” IM DONE OF MY FUCKING LIFE!!! My Father even call me to say “Happy Birthday Son”  “Do u need something?”   ” Do u wanna see me?” NOTHING!!! NOBODY CARES ABOUT ME!!!! People say “I Understand You!” But They Dont!!!! Nobody understands my Pain!!!!!! Im done! I know I dont write a lot! But My Anger its stuck in here! They wanna come out… But I wanna suffer in SILENCE!!!


Understand that!!! Understand that I’ve been Strong for 2 long!! Understand that Im tired to be the “SHITTY BOY” Im sorry for everything!!!



The Crying Game


I know I didn’t wrote for a Long Time! And the Answer for that is ( I was waiting for something really terrible happened) And it happened! I was listening ” Not About Angels” by BIRDY! And that song  was in the movie “The Fault In Our Stars” And When I saw that movie I cried!!! I cried so hard!!! And yesterday I Listened that music, when I was skyping! And I cried Listening that music! IDK y! But its so sad! I thought… “Y this BullShit is happening to me?????”    “Y is my life so terrible???”  My Friends can Help me!!!  And they help!!! But I need Extra Help…. Maybe I’ll try to write more early! Coz… :/

This is a Game!!! A CRYING GAME!!!!  :|:|:|:|😭😭😭😭😭😭


My childhood was pretty Bad… BC I losted my dad when I was about 3 Years old!! So…. That keeps me up all these Years… A friend of mine  told me to be brave and someday I would forget it!  But I dont believe that! As I said at my text “Pain” or “Dreams” I Dont remember…. But I cutted my arms BC of that shit!!!!!! And I Hate that!!! Why Marriage isn’t happy?????

Why People get divorced????

So many questions!!! I need answers… But… Who would  give it to me??????

When I laugh… I keep all the suffer!!! All the Pain! Everything!!!!!


I Have be Like Demi Lovato!!! I have to Stay Strong!!! I have to try…..



Maybe I’ll do a tattoo to remember that!!!




Friends and Love


Some of My Friends are really funny! Some are really disturbing I start saying… “Idk Them! ” And I love them the Most!!



When I love people… Like some People do “Dibs” and srsly?????! Y They Do “Dibs” U will get a bf anyway (or a GF) and luckily I got One GF… Very funny! I love her so Much!!! Once I dated a person was really… What is the word?? Humm….

STUPID!!!!! REALLY!!!  I thought that They were the one!! But I was Wrong !!!! Really Wrong



           1- There r that kind of Love People



      2-Its Our Choice!!!

Maybe Catherine its not my type! But I feel that she is THE ONE!!


Some people arruined my dreams!!! And some people told me to be brave,and move on with my dreams!! My dreams are Fantastic! And some dreams are really disturbing! But I will Follow my dreams! And maybe… I will move on and on! A Music from “Glee Version” They sang “Dont Stop Believin’ ” and that music inspired me!!! Inspired me to Follow my Dreams!


And No Matter What…

I got to…



I have a certain pain….

So…. First,lets talk about my FATHER!

When I was a Little Boy! I Losted my Dad!! And no! He’s not dead! He just left me…. My mother and my Father are divorced! And I dont see my dad…. Like Demi Lovato Has a song Called “Father” and that music put me so emotional! When people start talking about their dads… I start Crying!!! Once I stopped Eating! I was so hurt! Sometimes I cut my wrists BC of that…  My friends already know! Like They can’t talk about it! If one person starts talking about it… They say… “Shut The Fuck Up, He dont have him!” like of course I stay happy! But… It hurts The same!!! Like Demi Lovato has a tatto saying “Stay Strong °° ” And That Phrase is keeping up all these years… Coz I got to Stay Strong!!! No matter What!!! But…. Idk! Maybe this is the end… Maybe not…. Idk!!



Life Is a BullShit! I know that we got The luck that we have our feet on earth…. But I can Take it no more! I cutted my wrists… I was about to Commit Suicide……. But… Idc!!!! Anyone Cares about me!!!! A Person  knows my feelings…


Demi Lovato

Her musics…
Her tattoos…

And Idk What to say! Coz my life is a BullShit! And Idk what to say about it!