Just Little Secrets

Sometimes you have to learn that Life is like a game and you are the character! All games have obstacules! And you have to move on! But There is one level that you cant move on!!! But You know what??? Fuck It!!! I’m so tired to be the CHARACTER! Today I’m the Gamer! And you are the character!! And I use to say “Boom Bitch” You know why? Cause the jealous people, I put them behind! It’s like a game life but in reality! But how can you be the best?? How Can I live with all the problems??? Well.. maybe I can through it!!!! I Have friends that can help me…. I met a guy that he has the same “problems” as me…. And he understands me wich is really awesome! I mean… Sometimes I want to hide my sadness… But to be honest.. I can’t… It hurts… It hurts my fucking feelings! But the good news.. is MY DAD CARES MORE ABOUT ME THAN HE EVER DID!!!!!!!!!! I missed that!! I really love him! My dad is a cool guy!! He is so funny! He is the best person I ever met!!!! To know that he really loves me… Its really dope!!! My father always said (Nobody’s Perfect) And like he teached me so many things!!!!! I know I’m not perfect and I’m  never gonna be… But everyone is pushing me to my breaking point… And my dad also teached me one thing that I would never Forget… Is “Don’t be stuck to things that makes you bad… Smile and move on” Well I guess it’s everything…






Hi! What’s Up??? And yeah! I feel Great!!!! Just great!!!! And Like I want to thank God for being here! Learning About Life!!!!!!!! Wait!!! I got some news! My father was here!!!! And now luckily he cares more about me than he ever did!!!!!! But Like my mom… she cares more about my brother… Cause like he is hyperactive… I know… But it hurts…. Well My family is kind of weird! Cause they are just FALSES!!!!!!!!! How can it be a good thing??? It Hurts My feelings…. It hurts me! Well maybe I’m not the normal in this family!!!!!! I Hate being the second Choice!!!!! I hate being pushed behind!!!! Well This world it’s not for me… I guess… So.. Thanks  A Lot Daddy and I want to thank my friends for supporting me!!!!!! I love you all! I’ll miss ya…

Little Things

So… I was thinking about show my talent!!!! I mean… DANCE !!! I was invited to dance in my school’s party! I’m so happy! Me,and my friends gonna show some surprises!!!! We got some tricks…. Get ready Bitches!!!!!!!! Now, I know I dont write for a long time! And the reason is… SCHOOL!!! UGGGGGGHHH!! Tests!!!! One by another!!!  And I dont know what I’ve to tell you! Oh Wait!!!!!! BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! My Father Arrived from England!!! So… I’m at my Grandparent’s house,and he is at my brother’s  football training! Well… My father is a football guy… But if his son (me) wants to have a dance career…. He accepts!!!! I guess he is proud of me!!! Well, my sister is following a turism course… So She is Fine! My brother… Well I guess he wants to follow a football career! Well… and me?? I want to follow a dance career! So.. we are all fine!!! YAY! And now! It’s gonna be harder to write for you…cause TESTS! And my exams are almost here… So…I have to STUDY!!!!!!!!!! WHY??????? WHY ME??? So this text is very short… so… I hope you like it… See ya 






Demi teached me a thousand things! And one of them was “STAY STRONG” AND the another of them was if I was sad or with problems  to listen to her songs!! 


And when I put her music I feel save! I feel like my problems Disappear from my life!  Sometimes I think that life is not worth it! And Demi knows how to my life makes sense!  I Love her! She is my LIFE! And you’re wondering “How is she your life”?  Well, she is my life cause she was and she will be with me EVERYDAY and EVERYTIME when my face is down….. Demi makes more sense to my life!!!!
Of course she doesn’t know me!!  Unfortunately… But she helps me the same! I Wanted to meet her! To show How grateful I am….. I’m grateful that she helps me! Demi doesn’t really tell me what to do! I guess that we’re connected!!! I Dance Again!!!! Why??? Cause her songs told me to!!! Now I’m doing a choreography to my class to dance in the School’s Party!!!  And the song is gonna be….. *Drums Please*

In Case!!!!!! Mashup with Cool for the summer!!!!!  It’s AWESOME!!!!  So…. I guess there’s HOPE for me!!!!! Thank God! I HOPE that I get something “BIG” Like dancing in “So You Think You Can Dance?” I have to thank to my friends and especially DEMI LOVATO to make my head up!




Path To Fame

Sometimes life can be really awesome!  Or Sometimes really Shitty! Let’s talk about my DREAMS! My dream is be a DANCER! BUT my right foot is injury.. or more saying is BROKED! My cousin told me that if the doctors couldn’t put my foot GOOD they have to CUT IT OF! And that means that I NEVER Can DANCE AGAIN!! I dance about 7years!!! And for what? To never dance again? That’s really FUCKED UP! I know there are another things to do… But my LIFE is only DANCE! I don’t want to stop dancing! That’s stupid!!!  If you can,you should follow your dreams! Nothing’s gonna stop me now! Im Unstopable!! But now,let’s be real… Imagine…  you are a Football player and you got your foot broked and your life were only Football… Yeah… You see? It’s bad!! And now, Imagine… You are the “Head” of a company,and you have to close the company…. See? It’s Fucked Up! If you can live without your “Precious Things” imagine ME WITHOUT DANCING! Yeah… I don’t dance about 1year! Because of my foot!  Yeah…. Like In the School,I dance!! Like  Behind the school! And in the middle of the dance I fell….  I couldn’t get up…. But I tried!!  I tried to get up! I tried to FOLLOW MY DREAMS!!!! We can’t go down!!! The Head Teacher of my school only approves INSTRUMENTS… Not DANCE!  He is what?? A Asshole???? I’m gonna make him see that DANCE IS IMPORTANT 2!!!



Love 😻😻😽😻👑👑❤❤❤

Sometimes we love someone,that we can give our life to that person!  That we can spend our life with that person!!! I could give my life to that person! Sometimes love can be awesome and sometimes can be really fucked up! Sorry the language!!  But… it’s true… I met someone… And your thinking “What About Mariana”? Yeah… we broked up… She said that our relationship it didn’t worked… so.. she wanted to break up… A Part Of me is sad cause I losted her… but a part of me is HAPPY! I met someone… And I won’t telling you! Only my friend knows who is it! That Person is totally HANDSOME! I’m gonna talk to that person  FRIDAY!!!!!! OMFG I’m so nervous! Especially with that kind of thing! Now… The thing is… It will be good? Or a totally disaster? And I Don’t Fucking Know!  I Want the conversation goes right! I really want to! Today… the person Said OH, HI!!  And I was like WHAT?????? I get in panic when I’m with that person…. OMFG!!!  Is totally CRAZY!!!  OMFG!!! Tomorrow I’m gonna tell you What Happened!  And I Think that it’s gonna be good!  Thursday it will be the same! And FRIDAY, I’m gonna tell you,the same thing that that person told Me!!

KISSES! And remember… 



I thought that world was a place to make friends and stuff….. I maked friends…  But friends like Best Friends should be next to us…. Do u remember José Pedro/my “Brother”???? He killed Himself… and ur question right now is… “Are you Alright”? And a part of me…. yes…. I been holding on… but a part of me… no… coz I losted him….. I miss him! A LOT! And now your question now is “How did u knew that he died”? I get a call from his  friend saying ” Are you Tiago”? And I answered “Yeah… What’s Going On”? And he said “Pedro Died”…. And I cried a lot…. And now your question is “Is it fucking Fucked up”? And YEAH! And ur thought now is “First his dad,second his grandpa,third is friend and now Pedro”?
You have totally right!! It’s fucking trauma…. I’m gonna put all my accounts to you talk to me…. And Talk About Your Problems!!


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